Luring Followers and Likers in Social Media Platforms

News 10:06 June 2024:

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Why Free Likes And Free Followers Is Not A Good Idea

It’s always a nice feeling when you see your photo or post on your social media profile gets a high number of likes or followers.

However, getting free likes and free followers can do you more harm than good.

For other users, the incredibly high number on a post or a photo can be deemed as attention seeking because you want to appear more popular when they know that these free likes and free followers often come from ghost accounts. There is no quality to the likes and/or followers so your account may still be dull to others except for that one post or photo. Other real and genuine users might instantly be put off by your profile that they might unfollow you altogether.f1

It can be quite challenging to get many likes and followers on a social media profile unless you’re already a well-known person. But getting free likes and free followers might have long-term effect on your account and you don’t want this to happen, especially if you really do have something good to share.

In fact, if you have something good to share, you will sooner or later garner enough and many likes and followers even though it will take some time.

Social media platforms nowadays are deemed as the topnotch tools when it comes to reaching out to millions of people worldwide. With millions of active users, it is now easier to promote your products as well as services to potential clients and continuously get in touch with your loved ones and buddies no matter which part in the world they live.f2

Perhaps, this is one of the many reasons why having more followers or free likes is substantial. This is one great way of finding potential customers and obtaining more loyal followers. Not to mention, it is quite catchy and attractive to many users if your social media page comes with a great number of fans. In a nutshell, this could serve as a bait to encourage more followers to view your profile and follow you.

In truth, users can take advantage of social media platforms and one way to do so is to have lots of free likes or followers on whatever social media page you have.

Why it can be luring and advantageous to have a great deal of fans or followers in your social media page? Why does it matter to learn how to grow your fan base?

o             This can serve as an indication of trust. In the past years, this wasn’t perceived as important but at present having countless of fans in social media page especially if this is used for business purpose is seen as a very vital tool to expand your reach and grow your business.

o             This can be a sign of being famous or known in the field. Needless to say, the number of your followers could clearly indicate how renowned your page or website is.  In other words, if you have more fans; this could have positive impact on your page whether you use this for personal or business purpose.

o             Having a huge following does wonders in SEO- even though Google does not fully admit that social media is considered as a ranking factor, several research disclose that well-known websites or social media pages have greater chances of performing excellently as compared to those who aren’t popular.

o             Having more followers or fans could indicate more number of visits. More than that, having more followers means more people will have the chance to view your content or posts and more people to decide to view your page to obtain more information. Take in mind that not all your followers could see your posts though but if you have huge following still you are ensured that a lot of them will view it.

A Great Reminder

For a fact, when you acquire more followers, this is something that you should disclose and be proud of. The reason behind this is because having huge following could indicate how renowned your page is, it is a lot easier to have your brand or service recognized by many and you can build trust to potential clients. In the same way, this is a very outstanding approach to grow your fan base in a more natural way.